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www.fibaeurope.com Gold Bookmark Popular Bookmark  European Basketball - LiveScores ! 606'171 
www.euroleague.net Popular Bookmark  EuroLeague - LiveScores 86'330 
www.zorrostream.net EuroLeague - Live Streaming 1'185 
www.eurocupbasketball.com Popular Bookmark  7Days EuroCup - LiveScores 72'257 
www.basketballcl.com Champions League - LiveScores 11'698 
www.youtube.com Champions League - Live Streaming 2'968 
www.fiba.com FIBA Europe Cup - LiveScores 6'881 
www.fiba.com EuroLeague Women - LiveScores 7'265 
www.fiba.com EuroCup Women - LiveScores 2'901 
www.eybl.lv European Youth Basketball League 542 
www.aseanbasketballleague.com Popular Bookmark  ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) - LiveScores 74'668 
www.youtube.com ASEAN Basketball League (ABL) - Live Streaming 1'443 
www.aba-liga..com Bronze Bookmark Popular Bookmark  ABA League (Adriatic League) - LiveScores 223'041 
www.aba-liga.com ABA League 2 - LiveScores 851 
www.alpeadriacup.com Alpe Adria Cup - LiveScores 619 
www.eewbl.eu Eastern European Women's League - LiveScores 2'225 
www.sportuzivo.tv Adriatic Women's League (MZRKL) - Live Streaming 2'608 
www.mzrkl.org Adriatic Women's League (MZRKL) - LiveScores 12'378 
www.alpeadriacup.com Sixt Alpe Adria Cup (AAC) - LiveScores 3'261 
www.bbl.net Popular Bookmark  Baltic Basketball League (BBL) - LiveScores 70'744 
www.fibaeurope.com Baltic Basketball League (Women's) - LiveScores 11'648 
www.balkanleague.net Balkan Basketball League (BIBL) - LiveScores 37'045 
www.cbf.cz Central Europe Women League - LiveScores 7'124 
www.fibaamericas.com Liga Sudamericana de Clubes (LSB) - LiveScores 6'643 
www.melbasket.eu Middle European League (MEL) - LiveScores 3'557 
www.vtb-league.com Popular Bookmark  VTB United League (VTB) - LiveScores 67'220 
www.vtbyouth-league.com VTB United League (VTB) - Youth League 1'757 
www.waba-league.com WABA League - LiveScores 1'398 
www.fiba.com International Basketball Federation (FIBA) 13'811 
www.marathonbet.co.uk Basketball - Friendly and other matches LiveScores 3'030 
www.bkfonbet.com Popular Bookmark  Basketball - Friendly and other matches Results 124'505 
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Basketball Scores

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Live Basketball Scores

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