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www.bet365.com Popular Bookmark  Handball LiveScores 205'158 
www.ehftv.com Handball Live Streaming 32'492 
www.eurohandball.com Bronze Bookmark Popular Bookmark  European Handball - LiveScores 270'296 
www.ihf.info Women's World Championship 2017
( Germany, 01-17 December) - LiveScores
www.germanyhandball2017.com Women's World Championship 2017
( Germany, 01-17 December) - Official Web
www.zorrostream.net Women's World Championship 2017
( Germany, 01-17 December) - Live Streaming
www.managua2017.org New Bookmark  Central American Games - Official Website
( Managua, Nicaragua, 3-17 December)
www.ehf.eu Mens's EHF World 2019 Qual. - LiveScores 2'781 
www.ehf.eu EHF Champions League, EHF Cup - LiveScores 10'400 
www.ehfcl.com Popular Bookmark  EHF Men's Champions League 107'797 
www.laola1.tv EHF Men's Champions League - Live Stream 31'996 
www.ehfcl.com EHF Women's Champions League 39'830 
www.laola1.tv EHF Women's Champions League - LiveStream 18'446 
www.eurohandball.com Bronze Bookmark Popular Bookmark  EHF Cup, Cup Winners Cup, Challenge Cup 86'731 
www.baltichandball.net Baltic Handball League 7'270 
www.bnlhandball.com Bene League - LiveScores 1'314 
www.seha-liga.com SEHA Handball League 17'859 
www.wrhl.info Women's Regional Handball League 13'424 
www.sportuzivo.tv Women's Regional Handball League - Live Stream 3'242 
www.ihf.info Bronze Bookmark Popular Bookmark  International Handball Federation 71'491 
www.bkfonbet.com Handball - Friendly and other matches Results 38'671 
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Livescore handball is brought to you in real time, only by LiveScoreHunter.com! Handball is a team sport, played with a ball and hands. There are two teams, each consisting of 7 players, playing the game during two 30 minutes rounds. The aim of the game is to score as many goals as possible in the competition’s gate. The winner is the team who managed to score more goals. Handball is a relatively young sport, having appeared in Europe at the end of the 19th century. Its origins can be found in the Middle Ages, when it was played mostly in schools in teaching purposes. The German Karl Schelenz is considered the father of handball.

Handball scores

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